Week 5 citing and copyright

I already use Endnote but will definitely be investigating Mendeley when I have time..

Very useful to have information about copyright.. and here is my photo from Flickr.. I wasn’t sure if I needed to add a link to the licence or to the photo… and if so how to do that in a sensible way without simply adding the url… my technical skills hold me back again..

CC Image courtesy of Henry on Flickr

Week 3 – my professional online presence..

I have had more time this week to spent on 23 Things and used this time to review my profiles on different sites, I am happy that they are all consistent and up to date now…I have yet to combine all the different ResearchGate accounts because I cannot remember old email addresses but am getting there… At the moment I use Linkedin to connect with people, ResearchGate to record publications, twitter to find out about recent work and Facebook for family stuff, but will be investigating how best to use these sites in future, I definitely need to be more active in posting…

My thoughtful companion on cold winters days

Week 2 – professional networks

I found my Researchgate and Linkedin accounts but not Twitter which I don’t use much, I realised that I have several Researchgate accounts that I can no longer access and my University profile page is not up to date. I plan to access all of these accounts and update my profiles, I definitely need to enhance my professional presence online and ensure my accounts are up to date and linked. This week has been busy so I will get on with this next week…

There’s a big world out there for me to jump into!

Week 1

Hello I am Linda , a research fellow in the school of health sciences. I have always been in awe of colleagues with a strong social media presence and never thought I would be brave enough to join them but then… along came the ’23 Things for Research’ course and here I am writing my first blog… looking forward to moving a little way out of the shadows… onward and upward!